Friday 17 April 2015


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Okay, I love Studio Ghibli. I think that they are one of the best animation companies of all time! One of my Mum's work colleagues was the first to introduce me to Studio Ghibli as he told her that she should watch Spirited Away with me and he would lend her a copy.

That weekend by complete chance the film was on in the original Japanese and my Mum and I watched it. I didn't understand a lot of it to start with, but soon I forgot that I didn't speak Japanese or fully understand the subtitles (I was only three and I couldn't read as fast as the subtitles were going past) and just watched.

The next day my Mum went and got me the film in English and we watched it again. And again and we've never stopped adding to our Anime collection since!

I love watching lots of different Anime shows and I love Sailor Moon and Mew Mew Power!

Anime Characters

For my birthday, my Mum got me a Sailor Moon plushee doll and some keyring charms. They were one of my best gifts because of how much I love Sailor Moon.

Poolside Cover Ups

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On my way to a Pool Party

In the summer (yep the season is coming soon!) when you want to go to the pool what do you do? Spend 5 minutes worrying because you think you may get too cold or wet? Well I don't! I just put on a dress!

The Dress I have on in the photo is actually a cotton dress. it covers up my swim suit and I have it in pink and blue! My Mum got them with me ages ago from New Look, and I've used them when I need something quick to put on when I'm going swimming or when I've been invited to a pool party, like I had in this picture!

It matched my purple hair don't you think?

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Archery in Blue Jeans

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I love archery.

I don't do it at a club (yet) but I still love it! My mum joined an Archery group when she was my age so I think I might have inherited it some of my love from her and of course I love the Hunger Games and Katniss is a brilliant archer!

The man standing next to me teaches archery and when I went camping with my dad in 2014, I got to have a session with him. He had won several awards for Archery and had been a member of the British team and he said I had a really good technique and he didn't believe me when I said I'd never tried Archery before.

Apparently I was quite good!
Me practising Archery

In the picture above I am wearing my blue jeans from Asda erm, I mean a really famous designer! They are really comfy and fit nicely, even if my Mum says they are too low down on my hips! <3

Monday 13 April 2015

Lacey and Sparkly

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If you can rock the look you don't need to worry because you will know your style and every one else goes with it!

To rock the your look follow these steps:

  • Be confident!
  • Wear all similar colours
  • Be brave and don't worry you'll rock it!
  • Just go for it
  • Always ,always ,always     TRY   

Friday 10 April 2015

Where's Wally?

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I have this shirt which I love and it is stripped like "Where's Wally". Any one know where he is? No? Well here he is!!

In the picture I am sewing with my sewing machine and wearing a stripy shirt that I got from Polarn O. Pyret. I sew a gorgeous pillow that I keep on my bed.

I love the shirt and my mum says I look like Wally from "Where's Wally" whilst I'm wearing it, but I know she is only joking! At least, I think she is.

Do you have a favourite shirt? What does your's look like?

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Autumn Jackets

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With it being Autumn now, I'm starting to look for clothing in rich warm colours. I always think that the warmer Autumnal colours make you feel warmer when you are wearing them. I also think that if you have good quality key pieces in classic seasonal colours, then you can buy the less expensive fashion pieces to keep your look up to date and you don't need to replace your entire wardrobe every year.

When Muddy Puddles asked if I would like to review their Brisk Interactive Jacket in a lovely Raspberry colour, Mum knew that I would say yes because the colour is one of my favourites (I like lilac the best however) and also because she knew I'd look good in the jacket. The jacket arrived really quickly, which I always think is a good sign if you are ordering online because it means that you aren't waiting for ages for you new purchases to come.

The back of the Muddy Puddles Brisk Interactive Jacket

The jacket is cut longer in the girls style, which is nice as it is a a flattering fit as we girls are shaped differently to boys. The jacket is fitted too, which I thought was a good design feature as it stops the wind getting into your jacket around the waist and wrists.

The cuff and part of the sleeve of the Muddy Puddles Brisk Interactive Jacket

A lot of the time I'm in such a hurry to go out, that when it comes to zips it takes me several times to actually get a jacket done up (I must remember less haste more speed in the future), but I found the zip on this jacket to be more secure and less fiddly than on similar pieces.

Me in the Muddy Puddles Brisk Interactive Jacket from the front

The jacket is warm and padded, but it isn't bulky, it's perfect for the cooler Autumn and even Spring months without the added bulk of being a Winter coat. It can however zip into another jacket, creating a inner lining which would lead to a very warm jacket perfect for winter months and would keep away the chill.

Me in the Muddy Puddles Brisk Interactive Jacket from the side

The jacket is machine washable, which is great as I'm only Ten and will probably get it quite dirty going Conker collecting or if Mum and I go foraging again soon. I love the jacket and think that if I can persuade Mum or Dad to buy me the 3 in 1 Explorer Jacket that it zips into I'll be very snug this winter.

I was sent this jacket to review.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Unofficial Uniforms and my Chequered Shirt

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I have a chequered shirt that my Mum says is the sort of shirt she is sure I'll wear when I'm a Mum. I don't know if it will be my style when I am older, but I do like it and I know that a lot of Mums do have an unofficial uniform of sorts.

My Chequered shirt getting an outing on a picnic

My Mum tends to wear black trousers and a blouse, although occasionally a T-shirt and jeans combo slips in and some of the other Mums that I see at School seem to live their life in gym clothes.

My brother and I being daft with moustache lollys

I think that whatever you feel most comfortable in, is what you should wear. What do you feel most comfortable wearing?

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