Friday 17 April 2015


Posted by Top Ender at Friday, April 17, 2015
Okay, I love Studio Ghibli. I think that they are one of the best animation companies of all time! One of my Mum's work colleagues was the first to introduce me to Studio Ghibli as he told her that she should watch Spirited Away with me and he would lend her a copy.

That weekend by complete chance the film was on in the original Japanese and my Mum and I watched it. I didn't understand a lot of it to start with, but soon I forgot that I didn't speak Japanese or fully understand the subtitles (I was only three and I couldn't read as fast as the subtitles were going past) and just watched.

The next day my Mum went and got me the film in English and we watched it again. And again and we've never stopped adding to our Anime collection since!

I love watching lots of different Anime shows and I love Sailor Moon and Mew Mew Power!

Anime Characters

For my birthday, my Mum got me a Sailor Moon plushee doll and some keyring charms. They were one of my best gifts because of how much I love Sailor Moon.


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