Wednesday 15 April 2015

Archery in Blue Jeans

Posted by Top Ender at Wednesday, April 15, 2015
I love archery.

I don't do it at a club (yet) but I still love it! My mum joined an Archery group when she was my age so I think I might have inherited it some of my love from her and of course I love the Hunger Games and Katniss is a brilliant archer!

The man standing next to me teaches archery and when I went camping with my dad in 2014, I got to have a session with him. He had won several awards for Archery and had been a member of the British team and he said I had a really good technique and he didn't believe me when I said I'd never tried Archery before.

Apparently I was quite good!
Me practising Archery

In the picture above I am wearing my blue jeans from Asda erm, I mean a really famous designer! They are really comfy and fit nicely, even if my Mum says they are too low down on my hips! <3


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